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You've spent the morning doing yard work. You ran to the office to finish some paperwork. And THEN you re-arranged the garage after lunch. And you need a place for a deep tissue massage in Dallas, TX! Come in or call to schedule an appointment at Massage by Mia, your deep tissue massage specialist! A deep muscle massage will soon have you forgetting everything as you rejuvenate every sore muscle. Massage by Mia deep tissue massage therapy is like something you've never experienced. We're the deep tissue massage center where we "dig deep" to reach those muscles that have been overworked.

We're also the sports massage therapist who understands that certain sports activities affect different areas of your body. If you play tennis, chances are your legs and racket arm are the areas that are really strained. We can concentrate on those spots and leave you feeling better than you did before you played.

The advantage to a deep tissue massage is our ability to really hone in on areas that experience the most stress. Even something as simple as re-arranging the garage with the repetitious up and down step stools and bending to pick up boxes and tools can play havoc with your lower back and shoulders. Massage by Mia will work those sore areas with a deep muscle massage and have you back in the pink and ready to tackle another project very quickly.

And our spa offers a soothing and relaxing atmosphere where you can unwind as we work those kinks from your body. Massage by Mia wants you to enjoy every minute of your appointment!

The deep tissue massage therapist who really knows how to give a deep muscle massage is at Massage by Mia.

Call to find out about our deep tissue massage deals and schedule an appointment!

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