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Massage by Mia is owned and operated by Mia Lee, a licensed massage therapist. Mia is a strong believer in creating an environment that is quiet and relaxing for  customers. We want you to enjoy one of our massages and then pass along your experience to your family and friends. 

We offer a variety of massage techniques at Massage by Mia. Depending on your desire, we can offer you a soft, medium or deep pressure massage. Each one has it's own benefits and our massage therapists can discuss these with you prior to your massage. 

If you actively participate in sports--whether you play on the company softball team or you're a marathon runner--our sports massage therapist will provide a deep muscle massage to work out tightness or soreness in particular areas. Even bowling can strain your neck, shoulder and arm! And no amount of beer will make those areas feel better. :)

Our Swedish massage is just the ticket when you want to relax and rejuvenate. Our Swedish massage therapists use a combination of techniques to work on your entire body from head to toe. The Swedish massage uses long strokes on your body to pull and loosen muscles. Massage by Mia massage therapists employ use of their hands, elbows and forearms to better massage certain areas. The Swedish massage is typically a soft touch technique but we can apply firmer pressure if you ask.

No matter what massage technique you choose, you will leave Massage by Mia not only more relaxed, but with better agility and improved ease of movement. Call for a massage appointment or stop by and see for yourself why we're fast becoming the massage parlor for the North Dallas area!

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